EA Sports FIFA 18: Top 10 players at the World Cup in Russia - overview

As the best players on the planet currently pit their wits against each other at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, who should you be drafting into your FIFA 18 team?

With the tournament in full swing in Russia, bundesliga.com and EASports have teamed-up to run the rule over the Bundesliga stars with the best ratings at the global showdown in Russia. Get them in your team and enjoy the wins to come!

Highest Shot power

First up is shot power, and who you want shooting at your opponents goal rather than your own. Watch the video below by clicking the PLAY button!

Fastest Players

Next up is pace, and the players you want running at and in behind opposition defences with their blistering speed. Watch the video below by clicking the PLAY button!


What are you expected to do with your pace? Dribble! So which players are the most threatening when coming at you with the ball?

Defending Players

The men tasked with keeping out the goals, as well as scoring them when they get a rare chance. Every team needs defenders, even if they don't get all the headlines. Find out by watching the video at the top!


The men you don't want to see standing in front of your goal as a defender... Those deadly finishers. But who's the most clinical when it comes to putting shots away?

Free-kick takers

There aren't many better views in football than a free-kick sailing past the goalkeeper into the net. These Bundesliga stars are some of the best in the world, and who you want to have standing over the ball at any time.

Penalty takers

It's during the World Cup knockout rounds where penalty takers become some crucial. Match winners, with nerves of steel and unmatched composure. Every team needs at least one.

Sliding tackle

Sometimes a last-ditch tackle is all that stands between victory and defeat. Which player should you most trust to get you out of trouble with a sliding tackle?

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