DFL pays tribute to the retiring Philipp Lahm

DFL President Dr. Reinhard Rauball and CEO Christian Seifert have heaped praise on retiring Bayern Munich captain Philipp Lahm.

DFL President Dr. Reinhard Rauball:

"Philipp Lahm leaves the Bundesliga undoubtedly as one of the outstanding players in German football history. He is a great sporting figure, and his success - from the triumph at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil to the record of eight German championships and the "Treble" of 2013 - speaks for itself. In addition, Philipp Lahm as a fair sportsman who was always a model, especially for his many young fans, who seek to emulate him."

DFL CEO Christian Seifert:

"Philipp Lahm has written football history. On his unique career I can only tip my hat and congratulate him on what he has achieved in a one and a half decades of his professional career. With exceptional constancy, he was a top performer at Bayern Munich and in the national team. In addition, Philipp Lahm proved his great quality as a leader, far beyond his role on the pitch and as a captain. He was an outstanding ambassador to the Bundesliga."