DFL launching unique video-on-demand service

Frankfurt - Footage and stars of defining moments from 52 years of the Bundesliga is now available.

Stars and stories, triumphs and tragedies: DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga is opening the doors to its unique vaults, offering historical footage and fresh insight covering some 52 years of professional football via a video-on-demand service. Sky Germany, which has been signed up as the first partner, will be offering the programme content to its customers via the Bundesliga Collection”. DFL is currently in talks with further potential partners.

The format was conceived by the DFL and produced by renowned production companies and includes over 30 hours of entertainment going into launch. Initially, around 50 episodes will be available in eight different categories (including “Liga legends”, “The best goals”, “My season” and “Season finals”). The material includes historical footage and original TV commentaries as well as recently recorded reminiscences by well-known contemporaries specially produced for this unique media offering. The source for the new format is the German Football Archive, which is managed by DFL subsidiary SPORTCAST in Cologne and holds a total of 65,000 hours of video material.

“The Bundesliga has a distinctive history. The new DFL media service recalls unforgettable moments and spectacular decisions which continue to captivate the fans of German football to this very day. Viewers can now decide for themselves what highlights from 52 years of Bundesliga football they want to relive again as well as when,” says DFL CEO Christian Seifert.