The Bundesliga's finest are well known for their actions out on the pitch, but what are the players like behind the scenes? We took our cameras across Germany to find out!

Part one: Which star would you like to meet?

Barack Obama? Justin Bieber? Find out which stars these Bundesliga players would love to meet!

Part two: What super power would you like to have?

From having the ability to fly, become invisible or, erm... turn into a bouncing gummy bear, we reveal which super power Arjen Robben, Mario Götze and Co would like to have...

Part three: Strangest autograph?

You signed what?! Body parts, underwear and smartphones - here are the strangest thing these Bundesliga stars have given an autograph on!

Part four: If you hadn't been a footballer, then what?

Rock star? Student? Banker? What would the Bundesliga's finest have done if they hadn't become footballers?

Part five: Craziest moment?

From phantom goals and winning the World Cup to being mocked by Lukas Podolski: the Bundesliga stars' craziest moments!

Part six: Who's your team's smartphone king?

Which players are obsessed with their phones? Find out the secrets from the Bundesliga changing rooms!

Part seven: Can you spell 'Aubameyang'?

Mayang? Uba? Abumeyang? Check out an array of Bundesliga stars trying (and failing) to spell the name of 2016/17 top scorer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang!

Part eight: Who is the best dresser?

Who likes their bling more than most? Check out the Bundesliga's sartorial kings...

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