Cologne – VfL Wolfsburg are one of the favourites to win the Bundesliga in 2015/16, but how do they look off the field? On their Bundesliga Media Day, we found out.

Like all 18 top-flight clubs, Wolfsburg's team had a day in which they took their official club photos for the season (see below) and recorded plenty of useful footage to be used throughout the upcoming Bundesliga campaign. was there to see how the Wolves took to their day under the spotlight...


Keeping it real despite Supercup win

The Supercup win over FC Bayern München may still be fresh in the minds, yet VfL Wolfsburg's players were not getting carried away with that result. "Who cares if we're being made out to be Bayern hunters – all we care about is playing another good season," said Andre Schürrle. Defender Naldo added: "We should definitely be qualifying for the Champions League, though."


Summer sun

The summer is in full swing in Lower Saxony. In soaring temperatures, the players spent as much time as they could in the shade. Between each individual appointment, Kevin De Bruyne and Co. took on plenty of liquids. They had trained hard in the morning, and Niklas Bendtner had every right to say the Corner Kings exercise had been "strenuous". "I'm exhausted," he added.


De Bruyne in the spotlight

It was quite clear who the main attraction in the Wolfsburg team would be: Kevin De Bruyne. His team-mates would not allow him to hide either. "Here he comes, the German Footballer of the Year!" called Bas Dost repeatedly. The Belgian took it well and smiled, like a shy superstar.

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Visit from Switzerland

Jim Agnew was pretty impressed with what he saw at today's Media Day in Wolfsburg. "Wow, it's incredible what's going on here," Agnew said. Agnew is UEFA's Content Coordination Specialist and he was here to catch a glimpse of what goes on, with UEFA keen to integrate some of the ideas into their own media days in the future. Jim flew back to Nyon in the evening, having taken plenty of notes.


New job for Guilavogui

Josuha Guilavogui is a defensive midfielder by trade, but he did not do a bad job as interpreter from Spanish into German and vice-versa. During one of the appointments, he supported host Kwame Odum and helped new signing Carlos Ascues with his lines. "You could do my job," joked Odum. In addition to speaking French, Guilavogui also has a good grasp of Spanish, interpreting for the Spanish-speaking Peruvian, who then delivered his lines perfectly.

Best of social media

Non-stop fun

Blinded by the lights!

Say cheese!

The Lord gets a laughing fit

Niklas Bendtner had a much easier time of it when celebrating his heroic performance in the Supercup2015 win over FC Bayern München last weekend.

Kruse's close control

Summer signing Max Kruse is showing off his silky skills at the 'video action station'.

Interview time

First up is new arrival Max Kruse:

Translation: "I'm looking forward to the new season, particularly my first home match."

Nice day for it