An after-school club in Germany has come up with a novel way of spreading their love of Borussia Dortmund to the wider community by translating the names of Marco Reus, Christian Pulisic & Co. into sign language.

The school group, from Horgenzell in south-west Germany, had the original idea and teamed up with the DEAF BVB fanclub to bring the project to life, with further support from Dortmund's own charitable foundation "Leuchte auf" (light up).

"Until now, the players' names had to be spelled out letter by letter, which was very cumbersome, as they weren't any uniform translations," said Florian Hansing, a member of the DEAF BVB fanclub. "This project means that their names can now be adopted into general language use."

The hand signals, which can be seen in the picture above, are accompanied by gestures to convey the players' names to the deaf community, which numbers over 200,000 people in Germany.   

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