Kimmich celebrates scoring the decisive goal against Hamburg - © © imago / ActionPictures
Kimmich celebrates scoring the decisive goal against Hamburg - © © imago / ActionPictures

Kimmich: I always aim to deliver the goods when I play

Joshua Kimmich was converted to a central defender by Pep Guardiola last season, and his successor Carlo Ancelotti appears to have transformed him into a goal machine, with four coming from his last four games.

After a 1-0 win over Hamburger SV on Matchday 5, with Kimmich netting the decisive goal, the 21-year-old spoke to reporters about the latest chapter in his spellbinding career.

Question: Your captain Philipp Lahm recently said in an interview that you may as well be branded a goal-getter, given the number of goals you've been scoring. Is that fair?

Joshua Kimmich: A goal-getter consistently scores over many weeks – I've just scored in two or three games. This was an important late goal today, but we should have scored before, particularly in the second half.

Kimmich appears to be getting used to scoring goals, although he says he is happy just to be playing. - © imago / MIS

Question: It was a great assist from Franck Ribery – talk us through it…

Kimmich: The ball jumped up a bit and I can remember thinking to myself that I couldn't bungle it because there wasn't much time left. Fortunately I didn't have much time to think about it because the ball came in pretty quickly and I just stuck my foot out and hit it right.

Question: It was a deserved win in the end, but it was a struggle for you for quite a long time…

Kimmich: We expected it to be tough here in Hamburg. We lacked ideas and were a bit static and things weren't quite clicking for us. We improved in the second half, when we had a bit more movement and we created more chances.

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