After helping Borussia Dortmund past SV Werder Bremen with his 23rd goal of the season, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is looking forward to showing former coach Jürgen Klopp how he has progressed when Die Schwarzgelben take on Liverpool FC in the UEFA Europa League on Thursday.

Question: Can you tell us what it means coming up against [Jürgen] Klopp again and what Klopp has done for your career?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: It's great for us. We can show him how we work. We have progressed. This will be a very difficult game for sure. We want to show that we are working very hard.

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Question: What did he do for your career now you're in this position as one of Europe's top strikers?

Aubameyang: He did very good work with me. It was very good to work with him. If I play as a striker a little bit, it is because of him and that's very good.

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Question: What will you say to him when you see him?

Aubameyang: I don't know for sure. Maybe I will speak with him a little bit in German. We will see.

Question: Congratulations on the goal. How important was the victory today? You have now qualified for the Champions League…

Aubameyang: It is important for that. Yes, it was a difficult game in the second half because they [Bremen] scored two times and I think we were a little bit surprised, but after that I think we did very well and we won the game and it was really great.

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Question: How difficult has it been for you recently? You were missing your grandpa and obviously very sad…

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Aubameyang: It was very hard. I went first to Barcelona to take my grandfather and then I flew with him to Africa. It was very hard because I was with my family, with my father, and I know it was very difficult for him. I was with him. Now it's like this, that is life, and I have to work hard for him.

Question: Auba, it is only two goals to Lewandowski - a big target…

Aubameyang: It's very difficult to follow him, but it's very good. I'm really happy to score tonight and I know the battle is to the end and we will see who will be the champion.

Question: Now you are the first African to have scored more than 22 goals…

Aubameyang: Yeah it's a very big honour. It was [Papiss Demba] Cisse I think. I am very happy. I put my name in history and that's very good.

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