• Exclusive prize available to Official Bundesliga Predictor participants.
  • Mini Meisterschale replica awarded to players who reach 33 points on a single matchday.
  • Winners' names also added.

The Official Bundesliga Predictor separates the genuine football connoisseurs from the wannabes. And a rather special reward awaits the best of the best: a Meisterschale of your very own!

Who hasn't ever wanted to hold the much-coveted trophy that the Bundesliga stars fight for every season? Now, everyone who plays the Official Bundesliga Predictor has the chance to win one of their very own. Everyone who earns at least 33 points on a single Matchday will receive a small Meisterschale with their name on it.

The great thing about this prize is that every user who reaches the stated points haul will be given the Meisterschale, regardless of the predictions of other players. However, just like with the real thing, only the very best will be able to hoist this trophy aloft, as you really need to know your stuff to reach 33 points. Are you an expert tipster? Then prove it and sign up now!

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