• Lewandowski scored three goals in opening day rout.
  • Carlo Ancelotti celebrated a successful first Bundesliga match in charge.
  • Mats Hummels was delighted to make his second debut for Bayern.

It was a memorable start to the 2016/17 Bundesliga season for all the right reasons for FC Bayern München, whose players were understandably elated after the 6-0 win over SV Werder Bremen. was on hand to round up the post-match reaction from the Allianz Arena…

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Robert Lewandowski (FC Bayern München striker): "In the first half we attacked hard and had chances. We could have scored more, but we wanted to play football. It was a great evening for us and for the fans. We didn’t always press, but we were always offensive and attacked quickly."

Carlo Ancelotti (FC Bayern München coach): "The game was good and I’m very happy. Games like this are never easy. We scored goals quickly and then controlled the game. I didn’t have to change much because this team is excellent. We just played a little bit more directly and I think we did that well. Robert Lewandowski is a fantastic player. When he’s in the area, he’s always ready to score."

Mats Hummels (FC Bayern München defender): "I was a bit nervous, but it was easy enough to put that to one side quickly. We had the game completely under control. Carlo Ancelotti is relaxed and has complete faith in his team. He knows how to win a title with this sort of team."

Philipp Lahm (FC Bayern München captain): "We can be very pleased with our first game of the season. We played well, although the opposition helped with that."

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Xabi Alonso set Bayern on the road to victory with a delightful opening goal.

Viktor Skripnik (SV Werder Bremen coach): "When you go 3-0 down after 30 seconds of the second half, then that’s a real setback. We’re disappointed. Now we have two weeks to prepare ourselves [for the next game]. We wanted to go into the tackles and not stand off, but today wasn’t our day."

Clemens Fritz (SV Werder Bremen captain): "We were afraid to play football here. It’s clear that we didn’t travel with as much confidence as we could have. When you approach the game in such a scared fashion, then you won’t win any tackles."