Borussia Dortmund's 4-1 win over VfB Stuttgart was not as blemish-free as the final scoreline might suggest, according to the men in black and yellow.

Borussia Dortmund 4-1 VfB Stuttgart

Goals: 1-0 Castro (3’), 2-0 Aubameyang (19’), 2-1 Didavi (40’), 3-1 Niedermeier (o.g. 65’), Aubameyang 4-1 (90+1’)

Gonzalo Castro (Dortmund midfielder): "We played well. I'm delighted that we won a keenly fought game. We moved the ball too slowly after going 2-0 up. We clearly dominated the game in the second half. I'm paying the coach back now for the faith he has shown in me. The goal was easier than the assist with the back heel."

Sven Bender (Dortmund midfielder): "Normally I play as a defensive midfielder, but it went well in central defence today, too. We made life hard for ourselves after taking a 2-0 lead. Stuttgart went from defence to attack really quickly. We had to be wide awake for 90 minutes. Three defeats in a row would have been tough to take, so it's just as well we won."

Thomas Tuchel (Dortmund head coach): "It was hard work. We weren't up to much in the first half. We didn't manage to force our tempo on the game or take up positions like we can. It wasn't always easy stopping Stuttgart on the counter. The second half was really very good. We didn't give away any shots on goal. We could have added to our lead towards the end. Gonzo [Castro] played exceptionally well."

Christian Gentner (Stuttgart captain): "The early goal was a real blow. The way we came back after the setback shows that, as before, we have the drive and that our morale is still intact. The own goal that made it 3-1 was unlucky. After that it was clear we couldn't turn it around. We made too many mistakes that Dortmund, with the quality they have, punished."

Jürgen Kramny (Stuttgart interim coach): "We wanted to be compact and play on the offensive. The early goal wasn't part of the plan. We showed a reaction after going 2-0 down. We wanted to prevent the third goal in the second half, but then it went in. You can't come back from a deficit like that against a quality side like Dortmund. I wanted to give the team an element of stability. It went well at times, but in the end we've conceded another four goals. We have to work on that."