Arjen Robben scored against 1. FC Köln on his return from injury - © © gettyimages / Matthias Hangst
Arjen Robben scored against 1. FC Köln on his return from injury - © © gettyimages / Matthias Hangst

Robben: 'It's a reward for all my hard work'

Munich - 56 games after his last appearance, Arjen Robben is back with a bang. After scoring the opening goal in FC Bayern München's 4-0 win over 1. FC Köln on Matchday 10, the Dutchman has plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

While Bayern wrote history with their 1,000th ever Bundesliga win, Robben himself notched up a different milestone, scoring his 75th goal in 131 Bundesliga appearances. After the final whistle, the Dutchman spoke to the assembled media about Bayern's record-breaking win, the end of his injury nightmare and a difficult upcoming game in the DFB Pokal...

- © gettyimages / Alexander Hassenstein

Question: Arjen Robben congratulations on a sensational comeback. You said before the game that you felt good - did you expect to make such a great return?

Arjen Robben: "You always have to wait and see. I was very happy to be back on the pitch. I think I was surprisingly good right from the start, but I have been training well and I felt good. To score the first goal was a nice reward for the hard work I've put in. When you win 4-0, the day is even better."

Question: You celebrated by waving at somebody in the stands. Who was it?

Robben: "My brother-in-law and his football team had travelled all the way from Groningen to watch the game. It's a long way to come, so it was nice for them to be there. My family was there too. They've always supported me when it's been difficult, so it's even better when they are there to see me do well like I did today."

Question: How difficult was it not to be playing in the last few weeks?

Robben: "Only being able to watch is the hardest thing for any footballer. You have to try and put all your positive energy into your recovery. I put everything in and worked very hard. Credit to everyone who supported me. I did it. I'm back!"

Question: Bayern seem to work brilliantly no matter who they have on the pitch. Is that the key to the team's success?

Robben: "That's a great testament to the training staff. They always make sure we're well prepared. It's also about the players, though. If individual players aren't playing, they're still ready to go at every opportunity. We train very well, and that's very important when you have to play so many games per season. We've now got three games in seven days, and you need a lot of manpower for that. You can't do it with just 11 players."