Karim Bellarabi (l.) scored with his first touch after coming on as a substitute for Leverkusen in their 4-3 win over VfB Stuttgart - © © gettyimages / Dennis Grombkowski
Karim Bellarabi (l.) scored with his first touch after coming on as a substitute for Leverkusen in their 4-3 win over VfB Stuttgart - © © gettyimages / Dennis Grombkowski

Bellarabi: Stuttgart win 'an important three points'

Leverkusen - There was a mixture of delight and relief at the BayArena after Bayer 04 Leverkusen produced an incredible comeback for the second time in a week, this time to overcome VfB Stuttgart 4-3 on Saturday afternoon.

Bayer 04 Leverkusen

bundesliga.com summarises the post-match thoughts of the key protagonists...

Karim Bellarabi: "An important three points."

Stefan Kießling: "It was a great game for the spectators. For us on the the pitch, the emotions were all over the place. We tried to force the win, and we were rewarded. We're not quite at the level we were last season, but we're trying to get there."

Admir Mehmedi: "I don't think anyone's happier than me at the moment. I don't often take off my shirt to celebrate, but it was just pure emotion. It's amazing what has happened in the last week. We shouldn't be conceding those kinds of goals at home, but the important thing is that we turn games like these around."

Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez: "Every win feels great, but for us and the fans it's particularly exciting to win like this. But before we equalised and scored the winner, it obviously didn't feel good at all. We still need to improve a lot of things, but we're doing some things right, otherwise we would not have been able to turn the games against Roma and Stuttgart around."

Roger Schmidt: "It was a difficult game for us and we didn't start very well. Stuttgart proved that they can be a very awkward opponent. and they had some good first-half opportunities, although so did we just before the break. In the second half, both sides showed plenty of passion and attacking football, which left huge spaces at the back. It's unbelievable that we were capable of turning the game around just a few days after we did the same in the Champions League. We always believed in ourselves, though, and were rewarded for that."

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VfB Stuttgart

Martin Harnik: "This defeat is really tough to take. If you're two goals ahead on two separate occasions, then there's no excuse to lose. Neither side played very well in the first half although we put them on the back foot at the start of the second period. We deservedly took the lead but then they showed all the quality they have going forward. Every one of us gave it our all."

Daniel Didavi: "We had a lot of energy and as a result scored the opening goals and deservedly took the lead. There's no way we should be throwing away a 3-1 win but we're conceding too many goals and so we didn't get what we deserved."

Daniel Schwaab: "Scoring three goals against a UEFA Champions League side should really be enough to take at least a point home."

Alexander Zorniger: "The defeat is unbelievably disappointing for the team, the fans and the whole club. We had the better chances in the first half and then further opportunities in the second half to increase our lead to 3-0 or 4-1. By the end, though, we couldn't stop Leverkusen's quality strikeforce. The lads are playing really brave, positive football but what we're missing are the points to reward the performances. It's been like that since the start of the season."