Bremen - FC Bayern München were in a rush after their 1-0 win over SV Werder Bremen. On Sunday, the Bundesliga leaders are due to fly to London for Tuesday's UEFA Champions League tie with Arsenal FC.

The players and staff were to be given the night with their families before their latest excursion to the English capital, but captain Philipp Lahm still found the time to answer the reporters' questions at the Weser Stadium.

His side's 1-0 win was their ninth triumph in a row – a new league record from the start of a season. As a result, they have re-established their seven-point advantage at the top of the table, and it may not be long before they are already over the hill and out of sight at the top.

"I can't see an end to this [winning] streak," admitted Lahm, who nevertheless says the 2015/16 title is not theirs yet. "There's a long way to go before we're champions," he added. "We've only played nine matches and we're only seven points clear, so nothing's decided yet." overheard what else the former Germany international had to say after the final whistle...

Question: Nine wins in a row for the first time in Bundesliga history. What does this new starting record mean?

Philipp Lahm: Our aim's always to win the three points, if then it leads to us breaking a record then that's all the better. It's not easy to be at your very best right from the first game of the season and constantly pick up three points.

Question: And I'm sure it's a run you're happy to extend...

Lahm: I can't see an end to this [winning] streak!

Question: You say you can't see an end, but have you actually considered the prospect of winning all 34 matches in the season, perhaps to keep you all on your toes? Clearly your rivals don't seem capable of putting Bayern under any pressure…

Lahm (smiles): Let's put it this way – we go into every game to win it, and that's always going to be the case. Then there's a long way to go before we're champions. We've only played nine matches and we're only seven points clear, so nothing's decided yet.

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Question: But it must be a lot of fun playing in this side – with 80 percent possession and spending almost all of the time in your opponents' half...

Lahm: It's certainly impressive the way we're able to keep our foot down all the time and have all this energy. That's a great thing that we definitely want to sustain.

Question: You've been with Bayern now for 12 years. Is this the best Bayern side you've played in so far?

Lahm: I love the football we play every year. It's hard to compare different teams. The important thing is that you play successful football and we'll see where that gets us at the end of the season.

'I think Pep's proud of his team'

Question: Your coach Pep Guardiola says that it's important that the team are playing well. So was he happy with only a narrow 1-0 win over Bremen today?

Lahm: He's not said much yet, but I think he's proud of his team. He doesn't get the chance to work as he would like during an international break with only four professionals taking part in training, and then he had a few players returning with injuries.

Question: In spite of your 80 percent possession and clear superiority, it was still only a 1-0 win and Bremen went close to equalising…

Lahm: Bremen played very, very defensively, with 11 men stood 30 metres in front of their own goal. We were also lacking the kind of players who thrive on one-on-one situations so we had to find other ways to create our chances. That's not so easy against such a defensive team. We dominated the game in the first half and then failed to make it 2-0 in the second half, and then it's always a risk that your opponents will throw everything at you.

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Question: Did it also help to know that Bayern have won every time Thomas Müller has scored in their last 43 matches?

Lahm: I don't think that's something you really think about during a game, even though it's an impressive record. We all know that Thomas is a fantastic footballer…

Thomas Müller (walking past): The man's right…

Lahm (smiles): ... and he's a great guy too.

Question: You're travelling to London on Sunday already, two days before your Champions League game against Arsenal. Is this a sign that Bayern are taking their wounded rivals seriously?

Lahm: We take all of our opponents seriously, otherwise you don't win nine games in a row in the Bundesliga. We're going to London two days before the game because you always have a lot of travelling to do in London and you often spend a lot of time in traffic and it takes more than an hour to get to training. It's not the first time we're travelling two days in advance. It's just the way it is, even if we would prefer to stay at home. We always prepare ourselves professionally.

Question: What can Bayern expect in London?

Lahm: Anybody who knows about football also knows that Arsenal are better than the way they have started this season in Europe, with two defeats. They've got some very, very dangerous individuals and certainly it's not going to be easy, but we're ready.

Jürgen Blöhs reporting from Bremen