Bundesliga. Be Prepared.

From the fans to the groundsmen, the Bundesliga heroes are preparing for the new 2018/19 season in their free time as the season fast approaches. Bundesliga. Be Prepared.

From 6 August to 26 August, Bundesliga fans have the chance to win exclusive prizes by taking part in quizzes, watching films and preparing themselves for the new season.

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All you have to do is get in touch with your official Bundesliga broadcaster on social media using the #BUNDESLIGASTARTS24AUGUST hashtag, and show the world exactly how you are preparing for the new Bundesliga season.

Whether you're a fan, employee or player of a Bundesliga club, each protagonist has their own way of preparing for the season.


The voice of the Bundesliga, the commentators that describe the action to you in that tone you'll remember for the rest of your life are just as passionate as anyone else about their league.

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The noise of the league, without fans football and the Bundesliga would be nothing. Whether at home or away, they're always there, and never want to wait for the return of their normal days.

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Another integral part of the league without which, football could not be played. The impartial enforcers, referees get itchy feet during those long summer months, too.


The 22 men or women whose every movement is analysed to the inch, the reason we fall in love with the game, but also can want to pull our hair out. The players help make the Bundesliga the league that it is.

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No pitch, no football. And the men and women who help the pitches of the Bundesliga as prime, green and perfectly prepared for 90 minutes of thrilling football love their job more than most.

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