Jim Entwistle (via BBC) with his present from Bayern Munich.
Jim Entwistle (via BBC) with his present from Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich replace fan's damaged mug for free


Bundesliga clubs always go the extra mile for their fans on social media and even during the summer, with no football being played, that does not change. It is one part of many ways in which Bundesliga fans are made to feel like they truly matter, even when they don’t live in Germany...

At the beginning of the month, Bayern Munich’s US Twitter account (@FCBayernUS) got in contact with a fan who had asked about the possibility of earning a signed shirt from David Alaba, depending on how many retweets he got - which he accomplished. Now the German Champions have given another fan a reward for their support, without that fan even asking.

Thirty-three-year-old Jim Entwistle, from North Yorkshire, England, tweeted that his 21-year-old Bayern Munich mug – which had been his source of tea drinking for as long as he could remember - had grown old, and was to be officially retired.

Bayern caught wind of this, and offered Jon – a Nottingham Forest fan in England – a new mug to replace his stalwart tea chalice.

The letter sent from Bayern Munich along with the new mug (via BBC).

The free mug arrived on Tuesday, June 20, accompanied by a letter from the club which read: “We are really proud to have fans as loyal as yourself.”

Jim was given his first Bayern Munich mug as a birthday present in 1996. His uncle - who lives in Germany - sent him the gift after Bayern beat Jim's team, Nottingham Forest, in the UEFA Cup.

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