Germany and China sign comprehensive soccer agreement


Representatives of the German and Chinese governments signed a far-reaching agreement on Friday for a soccer partnership between the two countries. The agreement was signed in the chancellery in Berlin on the occasion of the meeting between China’s vice-premier Liu Yandong and German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel.

Pictured (top from left)

The partnership, which is initially set to run for five years, comprises a comprehensive agreement at government level and separate agreements between the Deutscher Fußball-Bund (DFB) and Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL), on the one hand, and the Chinese Ministry of Education and Chinese Soccer Association, on the other. The goal of the partnership is to achieve an ongoing mutual exchange of ideas and experience between the two countries. Comprehensive measures are to be taken to support the growth of soccer in China – for instance, through the training for players, coaches and referees and the sharing of know-how between the different league organisations.

The agreement is the outcome of earlier talks between German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and China’s president Xi Jinping.

CFA General Secretary Zhang Jian, DFL President Dr. Rauball, German State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior Mr. Engelke, DFL CEO Mr. Seifert, DFB President Mr. Grindel, DFB General Secretary Dr. Curtius

Front (from left)

Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Liu Haixing, Chinese Deputy Director of State General Administration of Sports and CFA President Cai Zhenhua, German Chancellor Dr. Merkel, Chinese Deputy Secretary-General Ms. Jiang, Chinese Vice-Premier Ms. Liu, Chinese Ambassador to Germany Mr. Shi, Chinese Minister of Science and Technology Mr. Wan, Chinese Vice Minister of Education Mr. Hao

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