Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (l.) and Dortmund will be playing Hoffenheim in one of four scheduled Sunday games on Bundesliga match day 23. - © © gettyimages / Scheuber
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (l.) and Dortmund will be playing Hoffenheim in one of four scheduled Sunday games on Bundesliga match day 23. - © © gettyimages / Scheuber

DFL confirms schedule through to start of February

In order to provide the Bundesliga starters in the Europa League with the best possible support, DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga will by way of exception be scheduling four instead of the two fixtures provided for in the standard schedule on the 23rd Bundesliga match day (26 - 28 February 2016). As UEFA insists that all Europa League fixtures are to be held on a Thursday, this will give the four German clubs still participating in this competition additional regeneration time after their international matches.

The schedules to download (in German):

“The Europa League results are very important in view of the Bundesliga’s successful ranking in the UEFA coefficient and, as a result of this, the retention of a possible fourth starting position in the Champions League. For this reason, we want to ease the strain on the players in particular. Consequently, the clubs will be able to assemble the best possible teams for both competitions,” says Christian Seifert CEO of Bundesliga, adding that “we are particularly grateful to our media partners for accommodating this request. Generally speaking, this situation once again highlights the need for additional flexibility on the part of the national leagues in scheduling their matches around the structure of the international schedule.”

“The circumstances call for flexibility not just from media partners, but also from the clubs and the fans. In the interest of sporting competitiveness, it’s the right step,” explained Ansgar Schwenken, DFL director of ‘Football & Fan affairs’ and member of the DFL’s executive board."

The four Sunday fixtures on 28 February will be spread over the day as follows: one encounter at 3:30 pm, another at 7:30 pm and two simultaneously at 5:30 pm. The additional Sunday matches on the 23rd match day will result in further changes. As the 24th match day will be occurring in a three-game week, there will be only two Bundesliga matches on Tuesday (1 March) but seven on Wednesday (2 March). In addition, there will be no Friday evening fixture on the 25th Bundesliga match day (4 - 6 March) but six on Saturday at 3:30 pm.

In line with this, the Bundesliga 2 fixtures will be distributed over the 24th match day as follows: five fixtures on Tuesday, three on Wednesday and one on Thursday (8:15 pm). Following the cancellation of the Bundesliga Friday evening match, the Bundesliga 2 fixture scheduled for that day will be pushed back from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Depending on which teams qualify and the results of the draw for the Europa League round of 16, the next set of fixtures (match day 26 onwards) is expected to be released in the week starting 29 February."

The full schedule for Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 match days 21 to 25 can be found at www.bundesliga.com.

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