Tobias Werner (top) celebrates with Augsburg match-winner Raul Bobadilla at the Allianz Arena on Saturday (© Imago)
Tobias Werner (top) celebrates with Augsburg match-winner Raul Bobadilla at the Allianz Arena on Saturday (© Imago)

Werner: 'I can't believe we won!'

Munich - There was a mixture of delight and incredulity in the FC Augsburg camp after their unexpected 1-0 win away to Bavarian neighbours FC Bayern München on Saturday, with the Bundesliga champions quick to turn their attention to their upcoming clash with FC Barcelona next week.

FC Augsburg rounds-up the post-match reaction from the Allianz Arena...
Tobias Werner: “I’d had a bit of trouble with my adductor during the week which is why I started on the bench. I still can’t believe we won – and from our last three games against Bayern we’ve won two! It’s amazing! We can be very proud of that. Now we’ve got a big match coming up against Hannover. They’ll be fighting for their lives, but we’ll give it our all too in order to keep our position in the table.”

Daniel Baier: “I did a double-take when I saw the Bayern team-sheet today because I was surprised they were playing most of their first team. We started the game very well and the red card and penalty played into our hands. It was just a shame we didn’t score it. Still, some of our counterattacks were great and the one leading up to our goal was outstanding. You can’t keep Bayern at bay entirely, even if they’re down to ten men; they still created good chances. But we believed we could get a result today and we did."

Halil Altintop: “Obviously we’re delighted to have won away again, and the fact that it was here against Bayern makes it all the more special. We started the game very well and after the red card we had two, three or maybe even four really good chances to score – including the one I had. I completely misjudged that situation as I’d come from deep at full speed. I think Raul [Bobadilla] wanted to control the ball but it bounced back to me awkwardly. The win should give us more confidence going into the final games of the season.”

Raul Bobadilla: “It was like a dream. I saw where Pierre [Höjbjerg] was, adjusted and simply went for the back-heel. It's good it went in. It was very important that we won here today and it was a great performance.”

FC Bayern München

Philipp Lahm: “It’s difficult to know what to make of the game. It was a Bundesliga match so obviously we wanted to win, but it was sandwiched in between two Champions League games, which, to be honest, doesn’t make it easy for anyone. I don’t know if there are words to describe how we’re feeling going into [the Barcelona match]. You have to try to find the mix between staying solid at the back, but at some point we’ll have to score. That’s how we’ll be going into the match and we’ll do everything we can to improve the situation. Whether that’ll be enough might not only be down to us. Our objective is always to win, preferably without conceding a goal.”

Robert Lewandowski: “We need to give everything we’ve got on Tuesday. We’re playing here in Munich and we’ve showed many times what we’re capable of doing here. It’s not over for us yet. We’ll fight until the very end.”

Bastian Schweinsteiger: “We know it won’t be easy on Tuesday but we’ll do everything we can to turn it around. Obviously we’ll need to be very careful of the quality they have up front, but we’ll throw everything at them and sometimes unbelievable things happen in football. It’s definitely not a good thing that we haven’t scored in three games. We had good chances against Leverkusen, Barcelona and here, so we just need to regain our focus in front of goal again."