Raul Bobadilla praised his team for the passion they showed in grinding out a 2-1 win against Stuttgart
Raul Bobadilla praised his team for the passion they showed in grinding out a 2-1 win against Stuttgart

Bobadilla: 'Everyone is there for each other'

FC Augsburg - Despite scoring the winning goal in a 2-1 victory against VfB Stuttgart on Matchday 29, Raul Bobadilla chose to focus on the efforts of the collective as FC Augsburg got their European campaign back on track.

FC Augsburg

For Stuttgart, however, the emotions at the final whistle were dominated by regret at failing to turn a good performance into something tangible. bundesliga.com rounds up the post-game reaction on Saturday evening...

Raul Bobadilla: "We trained hard all week to beat Stuttgart today and after a lot of hard work, we’ve managed to make sure the points stayed here with us. You saw how much passion there is in this team and everyone is there for each other."

Tobias Werner: "It feels so good to win again! The team stuck together well in the past few weeks. Little things made the difference today, and I think we got the deserved reward for all the hard work lately. We might have got carried away a bit by the possibility of qualifying for Europe, but we want to make sure we don't give sixth place away."

Daniel Baier: "We knew it would be tough against them but we’ve managed to win the game 2-1, and I’m not interested in anything else. Now we can look ahead to the game in Hamburg, which will be a similar match to this. We want to start picking up some points on the road again as well."

Paul Verhaegh: “They started the game confidently but we stayed strong in a hard-fought match. We really wanted the victory and we really fought for it, and at the end of the day, we deserved the points. Wins are the best thing for your confidence."

VfB Stuttgart

Christian Gentner: "I think we had the better chances and played rather well. You mustn't lose a game like this really. Augsburg defended their lead well, it's public knowledge they're good in defence. We had a huge chance to make ground today. Even more so do we have to beat Freiburg next week."

Daniel Ginczek: "I believe we had a poor start and we were unorganised when they scored their first goal. We fought back to draw level and I could've even made it 2-1, but you can't convert every chance. They made it 2-1 and then we offered too little as an attacking threat in the second half."

Sven Ulreich: "We had lots of chances but failed to get the reward for a good performance. I tried to palm the ball away ahead of their second goal. It's debatable whether this was the right decision but we should've defended better as a team in that situation. I'm positive we can still avoid relegation. We've been playing well so I'm pretty confident."