Cologne - Two of world football's most tactically astute coaches will have been working around the clock preparing for Matchday 27's Klassiker, going into the finest of detail and ensuring no stone goes unturned in the pursuit of a perfect plan to thwart their opponents.

The protagonists on the field are important too, of course, as it is there where the game will ultimately be won and lost. has donned its own coaching hat and taken a look at three particular duels which promise to tip the balance of power one way or another when Dortmund host Bayern this weekend.

The same age, the same height, and very similar CVs, World Cup winners and , who provided the solid foundations upon which Germany's triumph in Brazil last summer was built, are now plotting to get one over their national team partner. Both have been ever-presents for their clubs in 2015, but who would you rather have in your side? Take a look at our statistical comparison here to get a better idea.

In the midfield, it could come down to which of the two clubs' deep goalscoring threats and manages to find the freedom to express themselves, but you can count on both being marked men. With plenty of goals and assists already in 2015, their reputations precede them, but that does not necessarily mean they can be kept out of danger. Our statistical comparison here will help to determine which of the two German stars is in the best form.

If the goals don't come from deep, then maybe they will come from either or the man now tasked with filling his boots in Dortmund, . The two men paid for putting the ball in the back of the net have been earning their money in 2015, but who poses the greater threat? Which could be the Klassiker decider? Check out our statistical comparison here for a closer look at the two striking sensations.