Cologne - It is the event that has taken the football - and wildlife - world by storm, lighting up the grim Bundesliga-less winter days and ensuring edge-of-seat excitement of a different kind.

The inaugural BunDucksLiga has captured the imagination in Germany and beyond with 17 ducks and one frog contesting the first serious piece of silverware of the 2014/15 season.

Taking all the headlines

With a nailbiting qualifying round over, the ducks (and frog) have already got the social networks stirring with anticipation for the final growing. The Stuttgarter Zeitung reported on how VfB Stuttgart only narrowly missed out on a place in the final after a photo finish saw their duck Karl miss out to FC Bayern München.

The news has spread to the other side of the pond too with the Bleacher Report summarising the three heats ahead of what promises to be a hold-the-back-page final. The infiltration of a frog in the running has caused something of a stir, although SV Werder Bremen's Otto will be among the runners in one of the most eagerly-anticipated sporting finals of 2015 - so far.

The BunDucksLiga comes to its exciting conclusion on Wednesday 28 January with the final to be broadcast on and the Bundesliga's official YouTube channel. Make sure you don't miss it!

Renowned American sports website Bleacher Report has picked up on the happenings at the Duck Speedway, calling the qualifying races "great stuff" and highlighting that FC Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund both made it through the heats, but also noting the "huge controversy" of the Werder Bremen frog storming to victory in the final qualifier.

CNN Indonesia are fellow BunDucksLiga enthusiasts, enticing their readers to discover more with the following introduction in their coverage: "The Bundesliga has not yet restarted after the winter break, but that does not mean there is no action at all in the league." The piece goes on to describe in great detail how the competition works, lists all the competitors by name and club and even gives some of the times recorded in the heats.

Stuttgart-based newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung mourned the elimination of the VfB representative Karl, saying: "The defeat is difficult and must be hard to bear for Stuttgart fans." The article goes on to ponder whether or not "Stuttgart sent a duck that was too lightweight" into the qualifiers, before acknowledging that both Dortmund and Bremen reached the final with lighter participants.

Russian sports website even went as far as embedding the of the Dortmund, Bayern and Bremen participants, Nobby, Franz and Otto respectively. The article concludes with the words: "The Russian winter break is also long enough for the Premjer Liga to do something like this." Who knows, maybe an international ChampDucksLiga could be next...?

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