Ermin Bicakcic has become a firm favourite with the Hoffenheim fans since joining the club in summer 2014
Ermin Bicakcic has become a firm favourite with the Hoffenheim fans since joining the club in summer 2014

Bicakcic: 'We're not on holiday'

Johannesburg - A popular figure in social media circles, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim defender has never been one to shy away from the spotlight.

The Bosnian international's trendy haircuts are the stuff of legend on Twitter, but it's not all about fun and games for the affable 24-year-old, who is taking his side's winter training camp in Johannesburg as part of the Bundesliga World Tour 2015 just as seriously as the rest...

Question: Hello Ermin. How did you spend the winter break?

Ermin Bicakcic: For me, the break was important. I needed to recharge mentally and clear my mind. The break's too short for a complete physical recovery. That's what the summer's for. No we're back on it again with renewed energy. I did all my resting in sunny Gran Canaria.

Question: There were pictures of you on Twitter in a suit and dicky-bow...

Bicakcic: That was on New Year's Eve. It was a special occasion, so I got dressed up (laughs).

Question: You're very active on social media generally. How important is it to you?

Bicakcic: Really important. The Hoffenheim fans and my own fans support us 100 per cent. I can give something back to some of them with my performances on the pitch and the way I play. I'm able to share parts of my life with others on social media and make contact with them. I really enjoy it. We wouldn't be anywhere without the fans. It's no fun playing in an empty stadium.

Question: Your hairdo almost has something of a cult status online...

Bicakcic: My hair means a lot to me and it's kind of become my trademark feature. I've always experimented with my hair. That's just how I am.

Question: Hair can get a bit messed up when you're training so hard. What's it been like so far in Johannesburg?

Bicakcic: The conditions are fantastic. We still haven't seen much of the place. That's not going to change all that much. We're not here on holiday, to go sightseeing or on safari. We're here to put the pedal to the floor and prepare as best we can for the second half of the season. That's the priority, but we'll still enjoy being together as a team. It's my first trip to Africa, so I'd also like to soak up a bit of the atmosphere.