Frankfurt - Eintracht Frankfurt's is not your archetypal midfielder, yet there is clearly something special about him.

The Eagles' elder statesman may humbly suggest he is merely 'normal', but with a goalscoring record that any top striker might envy - and one which he has confirmed year on year - not many will be falling for that modesty.

In an interview midway through the 2014/15 campaign, Meier revealed some of his secrets, talking about an emotional decade with the Eagles while also touching on his partnership with Haris Seferovic, which appears to be a match made in heaven.

Question: You score most of your goals with your instep. Are you unable to shoot with your laces?

Meier: I can but even when I was a kid I'd always practice shooting with my instep and I’m more accurate that way. I still practice it every day and I think I’m pretty good at it.

Question: Your strike partner has settled in very well at Frankfurt. What is it that makes you two dovetail so well together?

Meier: We’ve got a good understanding and are getting to know each other better with each passing week. We play well together.

Question: How would you sum up your partnership?

Meier: Well, I’m the normal one and he’s the crazy one [laughs].

Question: How should we interpret that?

Meier: Haris is quite a bit younger than I am [at 22] and he’s from a different generation of players. You can notice that in the changing room but also out on the pitch. I do normal things and maybe score normal goals, whereas Haris does other things. You only need to look at goal he scored against Dortmund - he sensed something and just kept on running when [Matthias] Ginter’s header back to his own goalkeeper didn’t work out as planned. And against Bremen he scored while lying down. He also posts things like mad on social media [...] he’s certainly different to me.

Question: The Frankfurt fans call you a ‘football god’. What does that mean to you?

Meier: I’m delighted about it because it’s a very special form of recognition.

Question: That hasn’t always been the case for you in your ten years at Frankfurt. At the start you were even whistled sometimes, even though you’ve always been a regular goalscorer. How can you explain such a change in perception?

Meier: Strangely enough it happened when we got relegated. In my opinion it was us players who got the club into trouble in 2011 and I thought it was our responsibility to make amends. That’s why I stayed and that persuaded fans that I’m Frankfurt through and through. Ever since then the relationship between the fans and me has improved.

Question: You’ve always been a favourite within the club itself, and you extended your contract for another three years last May. Will you finish your career here?

Meier: I might well do. I really like it in Frankfurt and I feel at home in the city and at the club. And I’ve never forgotten that the chairman Heribert Bruchhagen stood by me through difficult periods.

Question: Things didn't go so well for you at the start of the season and you were even on the bench a lot. What happened there?

Meier: The coach thought I wasn’t 100 per cent fit. Obviously I saw things differently but I did have a couple of knee complaints at the very start of the season. Now everything’s good though. I’m playing and the coach is happy with me.

Peppi Schmitt reporting from Frankfurt

Marvel at Seferovic's 'knee goal' against Bremen on the Bundesliga's official YouTube channel: