Frankfurt - Goal-line technology is to be implemented at the 18 Bundesliga club stadiums from the 2015/2016 season.

At today's member meeting, there were 15 votes in favour of and three votes against the proposal, thus resulting in a two-thirds majority in support of implementation of the system. FIFA-licensed vendor Hawk-Eye has been awarded a contract to install and operate the system over the coming three years.

FC Bayern Munich had submitted the request for the implementation of goal-line technology in Bundesliga matches. The use of the system in the 2nd league was not voted on.

Hawk-Eye, which was awarded the contract in an open, transparent and non-discriminatory tender procedure, employs a camera-based system to monitor the goal line. Already being used by the English Premier League since the beginning of the current season, this technology entails 14 cameras fitted beneath the stadium roof. If the ball crosses the goal line, the system sends a signal within one second to a special receiver worn by the referee on his wrist.