Students invited to shape the future of world sports

Cologne - FC Bayern München and Germany legend Franz Beckenbauer and his manager Marcus Höfl have launched a new campaign in which students from across the world are invited to help shape the future of sports through innovative new concepts.

The initiative is called franz. and is a worldwide competition for students where the winners will be able to present their ideas to the top decision makers in world sports in October 2015 at the Camp Beckenbauer Summit.

Höfl, who helped found Camp Beckenbauer, is the driving force behind the franz. initiative, which hopes students will share their visions for the future of sports. “It’s not enough if the decision makers are the only ones finding solutions in sports,” said Beckenbauer, who inspired Höfl to set up both Camp Beckenbauer and franz. “We need fresh, thought-provoking ideas from the brightest minds of the next generation."

Students are to develop their concepts in teams. One example could be how to make an Olympic sport more successful by making it more attractive for spectators. This could be done by implementing rule changes, simplifying the sport, introducing new pieces of equipment, developing new marketing strategies or creating eye-catching media campaigns. The ideas should help the sport in question increase its short to medium-term popularity.

Students have until the end of November to submit their proposals and in April 2015 ten teams will be invited to the franz. final at the WHU college in Düsseldorf. At the Young Leaders in Sports Summit a jury will then crown the competition winners, who will be given the opportunity to present their concept to the most influential figures in world sports, economics, politics and media at the next Camp Beckenbauer Summit in early October 2015.

You can find more information at www.franz2015.com