Cologne - With almost a third of the season now gone it's the ideal opportunity to see who's really been pulling their weight in the Bundesliga so far. Which players have really stood out? Are some unsung heroes not getting the credit they perhaps deserve?

Heading into the second international break of the season, has taken every single outfield player in the top flight who has appeared in at least 540 minutes (six games) of the current campaign under the microscope.

Hard work paying off?

Using the key criteria of shooting, tackling, passing completed and sprinting, all 181 players who have played the minimum requirement of minutes this season have been analysed and ranked accordingly.

A ranking of each player is determined by how he has performed in the four categories per 90 minutes. So for example, the player with the most passes completed per 90 minutes is awarded the maximum 181 points (as there are 181 players in the poll).


The position he places in the other three categories is also calculated, with his four scores then totalled up. From the 181 players that have appeared in at least six matches this season, will then present the Top 100 - counting down with ten per day throughout the international break.

You can keep track of the Top 100 on Twitter too by following us at @Bundesliga_EN or by searching the hashtag #BundesligaActionHeroes!