Bremen - It may be a few years ago now since Bremen was a common destination for fans from all over Europe with SV Werder appearing regularly in the UEFA Champions League, but the city is still well worth a visit for a Bundesliga match.

With one of the most characteristic stadiums in Germany, and the allure of a thriving, cosmopolitan city - not to mention regular top-flight football of the highest order - has taken a closer look at what the city on the River Weser has to offer for its visitors.

Located in the north of the country, one of Germany's few city states Bremen is serviced by its own international airport while enjoying excellent north-south railway connections. The River Weser leads out to the North Sea, meaning the city is also a thriving port.

The city's most famous monument is a statue of the Stadtmusikanten, or town musicians, who take their name from a fairy tale written by the Grimm Brothers. The bronze statue, located in the Altstadt, has a hen stood atop a cat, on top of a dog, who has clambered a donkey. Don't forget to touch the front hooves of the donkey as it is said to bring good luck. The Altstadt itself, or old town, is also well worth a visit with its medieval buildings.

Not many stadiums can boast ferry connections, but the Weserstadion is one of them. Perhaps not so appetising on a freezing winter's evening, but when the weather is fair, the best way to arrive at the ground is via the ferry which crosses the Weser. Ensure you are on the south side, or if not, pop across to the famous Café Sand for your pre-match beverages. If you are lucky, you can even lie down on the sandy beach.

Not only its location on the banks of the River Weser gives the Weserstadion character. Surrounded by green, it is also one of the greenest stadiums in the world, drawing its entire energy supply from 16,000 square metres of solar panelling covering its roof. The stadium is also home to the 'Wuseum', telling the story of the club and containing the trophies the club have won, including the Bundesliga and DFB Cup from 2004.

Performing arts is not just the duty of Werder Bremen but the city is also home of its very own Shakespeare Company. Located on the south side of the Weser, the 1983-founded theatre group has performances of Shakespeare plays throughout the year with guest performances also in the English language. Afterwards, the city centre is a hive of activity on every night of the week, thanks to a strong student population.