The 22-year-old (c.) has formed a stunning partnership with Alexander Meier (l.) at the Eagles
The 22-year-old (c.) has formed a stunning partnership with Alexander Meier (l.) at the Eagles

Seferovic: 'Anything can happen against Bayern'

Frankfurt - Having worn the colours of as many as seven clubs in four countries by the age of 22, Haris Seferovic is anything but your average footballer.

After earning a summer move to Eintracht Frankfurt and fulfilling his dream of appearing in Germany's top flight, however, he has finally found himself a place in which to settle. Speaking exclusively to, Seferovic revealed why he plans to stay at Frankfurt long-term and cast an eye ahead to Eintracht's upcoming clash against the champions FC Bayern München. Haris Seferovic, you were apparently desperate on a move to the Bundesliga in the summer. Is this true?

Haris Seferovic: I said to Real Sociedad that if they were going to sell me, I'd only be going to the Bundesliga. There were also talks of a move to England but I didn't fancy that. Then Eintracht came along and it didn't take long for me to accept their offer. Why were you so keen on moving to Germany?

Seferovic: Even as a child I watched the Bundesliga a lot. I've always found it a very, very exciting competition. In the past year I followed it even more closely. It's the best league around at the moment. Despite your young age, you've already played in four countries. How does the Bundesliga compare to other leagues?

Seferovic: In the Bundesliga every team likes to attack, no matter whether they're top or bottom of the table. Teams just enjoy playing football. A lot of Switzerland team-mates had already told me about that before I moved. You also have to put in a lot of legwork here it's very physical and also tactical. The pace is extremely fast, which also leaves you more space. You have to be ready physically and you need really good stamina. From a striker's point of view, how do defences here compare to the ones in Spain and Italy?

Seferovic: That's a difficult question. I think every defender has his own style, really. The defenders here are generally stronger and quicker and you need to be smart to get the better of them. So far that's worked out pretty well. I'm happy with how things have gone. You've managed to adapt to life in Frankfurt in a short space of time.

Seferovic: I made good friends quickly, we have a good team and a good coach. I have to thank those people for helping me settle in so quickly. I've also found a place to live and everything is great at the moment. There are 16 Swiss players are currently plying their trade in the Bundesliga. Is it easy for footballers from Switzerland to accustom themselves to German football?

Seferovic: The Swiss league is good place to kick off your career, but a lot of Swiss players hope to take the next step and join the Bundesliga. It's a league players dream of. You can't say no when an offer comes in. You've scored three goals so far this season and set up as many. What haul are you expecting come the end of your first year with Eintracht?

Seferovic: I'm not the type of person to say: I'm going to score ten goals. My intention is to give my all in every game. You need time to adjust in your first year and then obviously you expect things to go better in your second. I'm feeling good at the moment, though. Let's see what I can achieve in the rest of the season. Does that mean you're planning to stay in Frankfurt for the long term?

Seferovic: Of course, I'm planning to remain in Frankfurt long-term. I've signed a three-year contract and definitely want to stay the three years. Is it true you're the jester in the team?

Seferovic: I like to joke around with my team-mates, with [Carlos] Zambrano, Lucas [Piazon], Igni [Aleksandar Ignjovski], Medo [Slobodan Medojevic], [Martin] Lanig - basically with everyone. In my opinion it's important to always have a good atmosphere, even when things are not going so well like now. We should still be able to laugh and enjoy our work. Two of your three goals, and all of your assists, have come at the Commerzbank-Arena. Is that a coincidence or does it have to do with your family attending every home game?

Seferovic: They definitely give me great support. I've been away from home for several years now and to see my family is always nice. When I get time, I still like to have a kick about with my brother, who's actually still playing for my hometown club. Is that where you learned to play football?

Seferovic: I first kicked a ball on the streets actually, first with my dad and then later with my brother and my friends. Sometimes we still play against each other. You've developed a fantastic partnership with Alexander Meier - between the two of you, you've scored nine times, more than half of Frankfurt's goals this season.

Seferovic: I'm very happy with our partnership. We get on well both on and off the pitch, we're mates. We have to make sure we keep working hard in training and keep scoring a lot of goals. How are you finding training under Thomas Schaaf?

Seferovic: He's a very subtle coach who knows exactly what he wants and talks a lot with the players. He's doing a really good job. Training is much more demanding than at my previous clubs but that's good as it helps us stay fit. Frankfurt started the season well but have now lost three in a row. What's gone wrong?

Seferovic: You constantly have ups and downs in football. Things aren't going too well right now but we'll soon be on the up again. We've only had ten games anyway. We'll keep working hard and giving our best in every game. Next up is your home encounter with league leaders Bayern on Saturday. Can you get something against them?

Seferovic: Yes, why shouldn't we? I believe every side can get a result against Bayern. You have to make sure you're solid at the back and do well on the counter. If you do that, anything can happen.

Haris Seferovic was speaking to Felix Seaman-Höschele