Mönchengladbach - There appears to be no stopping Borussia Mönchengladbach at present, after the Foals extended their unbeaten streak to 17 consecutive matches in Sunday’s 3-1 win over TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

Crucial to that victory was midfielder , who hit the net twice for the first time since January 2012, and created the other too. After the final whistle the 23-year-old reflected on the game and the secret to his side’s current success.

Question: Patrick Herrmann, congratulations on the victory and scoring a brace. Was it a perfect day for you?

Herrmann: Absolutely. It’s been a while since I scored two in a game and it’s a great feeling to help contribute to the victory.

Question: How would you analyse the game?

Herrmann: It was a difficult match. Hoffenheim showed they’re a really good team and deserve to be where they are in the table. We had to fight our way into the game and over the course of the 90 minutes we created a lot of chances, which we were able to make the most of. That worked out to our advantage.

Question: And you were able to give your coach Lucien Favre a nice birthday present…

Herrmann: That made it all the more special for him of course. I know what it’s like to lose on your birthday and it ruins the whole day.

Question: What did you make of the fans’ support?

Herrmann: The fans were unbelievable and during the game the atmosphere was incredible too. After the final whistle it got even better. It’s fantastic what’s happening here at the moment.

Question: Gladbach have now gone 17 competitive matches unbeaten to equal a club record set in 1970/71. What do you make of that added bonus?

Herrmann: It’s always nice to set new records. This year we already set a new home record and now we’ve equalled another one. Things are going brilliantly right now.

Question: Gladbach’s substitutes appear to be able to seamlessly adapt to a game whenever they come off the bench. Is that ability to vary your game without a dip in quality currently one of your main strengths?

Herrmann: We’ve got great quality, especially on the wings and we showed that [in the DFB Cup] against Eintracht Frankfurt and our previous matches too. You could see that everyone is capable of scoring. That’s what makes us so strong right now and long may it continue.

'We know we can slip down the standings again quickly'

Question: You just mentioned Glabach’s wing play. On the flanks the Foals are particularly dangerous…

Herrmann: Yes, we’re really tearing it up down the wings. is really quick and I’m not slow either. When through balls are played in behind the defence, for example from , then we get chances to score.

Check out the top five strikes from Matchday 10, courtesy of the Bundesliga’s official YouTube channel:

Question: What do you make of Gladbach’s current league position?

Herrmann: We all know that we can slip down the standings again very quickly because there are a few teams with a lot of points. Last season we talked a great deal about league positions and that didn’t help us at all. We just want to keep playing as we have been and everything else will come as a result.

Question: You have been having more playing time recently…

Herrmann: At the start of the season I didn’t play much, or not at all. However, I’ve always shown that I’m ready to play when needed and it’s great that we can rotate players in and out of the team. That way we stay fresh and can always give 100 per cent.

Question: German national team coach Joachim Löw has announced that there will be some personnel changes in the coming international break. Are you hopeful of being included?

Herrmann: I’m not sure hoping is the right word. Things worked out really well against Hoffenheim but I’ll just have to wait and see. If it were to happen then it’d be a great experience for me.

Markus Hoffmann reporting from Mönchengladbach