Cologne - It is a game unlike any other; a game a whole region simply cannot stop talking about - the Revierderby.

On Matchday 6, FC Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund renew their rivalry in the most talked-about game on the Bundesliga calendar. sets the scene with a review of what those involved this weekend have been saying in the build-up to the 145th edition of the Ruhr rivals' head-to-head.

"The fans from both sides, the rivalry of both teams and the history - two big clubs within less than 100km of each other - it's very nice. We want to win at home, of course. We did that at times in the past and we have to give our fans a new present this year."

"We've failed to win for two Bundesliga games in a row and that makes a win against Schalke very important for us. Winning in the derby would give us such a boost for our next Champions League game at RSC Anderlecht, as well as for our upcoming Bundesliga challenges."

"We want to keep our momentum going and make sure the points stay at home on Saturday. We mustn't allow the other clubs to pull away from us now - we've got to hang on in there, taking the momentum we've got with us."

"We know very well what lies in wait in Schalke and there's no doubt we will give it everything we've got to try to win there, like we have done in previous years."

"We're all itching for the game against BVB and we've got to take the euphoria from our win [over Bremen] with us. That's the way we will go into this match because you can only be successful when you work really hard. The stadium's going to be bouncing and it's going to give us goosebumps."

"The derby's simply amazing. Neither of us are really in the best of form, but it's going to be lively and I just can't wait. Let's hope we can get a bit of a confidence-booster out of it."

"We're 100 per cent focused on the derby. We want to give everything and celebrate a win together with our fans. No matter what happens beforehand, a derby is always something extraordinary."

"For our supporters, this is the biggest encounter of the year and we will do everything within our power to win the match for them."

"The anticipation is really rising. Dortmund have always been a top-three team in recent years, and we know that. Anything can happen in a derby. They are games which have their own laws. Germany can get ready for an interesting derby."

"I remember a few of the games very well, like the one here in Dortmund where we scuppered Schalke's title hopes. There have been some special moments that will always stay with you. If you live here, it's something you learn pretty quickly and our new players will soon find out what it means to win or lose the game."

Relive some of the derby's best moments below, courtesy of the Bundesliga's official YouTube channel: