Munich - FC Bayern München made it very clear on Matchday 5 they are the boss in the Bundesliga as the champions cruised to a 4-0 win against high-flying SC Paderborn. rounds up the post-match soundbites from the key players...

FC Bayern München

Mario Götze: It was a good performance from the lads and we’re delighted to get the win. Thomas Müller’s assist was superb. We’ve got a game every three days now but it’s why we’re in this business. We’ve got some great opponents coming up and we’re looking forward to every one of them.

Arjen Robben: It was important for us to get the win tonight and make a statement. I just think we were the better team on the night. They had problems marking us early on and we made full use of the space, going 2-0 up within a short space of time. I did have a bit of a false start this season. I started well against Wolfsburg but then I had a few problems, but I think I'm on the right track now though.

SC Paderborn

Patrick Ziegler: We've been playing well so far this season but we've not talked ourselves up too much and we're not going to be too downtrodden about this result. We're going to go and have a party [at the Oktoberfest] - I have to, I'm Bavarian!