Cologne - With the return of the Bundesliga fast approaching, Off The Ball -'s nifty periodical - is on hand to bring you up to speed with the latest colourful off-pitch stories from around German football.

This week's edition has an American feel to it, after we checked in with two men capable of packing a punch and followed an international sporting superstar around Munich...

Robert Lewandowski might remember the game in which he scored his first Bundesliga goal for FC Bayern München for a strange reason. The Polish striker had to apologise to FC Schalke 04 goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann, who suffered damage to his eardrum after being struck by one of Lewandowski's shots in their Matchday 2 encounter. "I'm awfully sorry," Bayern's Polish striker told Bild. "I was pulling back as the whistle went and couldn't stop! I wish him all the best and hope he's fit again soon."

Augsburg FC left-back Marcel de Jong (pictured) turned in such a hard-hitting display with a goal in Canada's 3-1 win over Jamaica that the "baddest man on the planet" paid a visit. Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champion of the world, was a surprise guest in the Canda dressing room after the side's victory in Toronto. The tweet below reads: "A perfect evening for de Jong! Have a look at who he met after scoring in Canada's 3-1 victory!"

Guests and staff at Munich's 'Alter Hof' restaurant were astonished when a man taller than two metres popped in to use the toilet before leaving with a smile and a 'dankeschön'. Their astonishment was increased further on the realisation that the man was actually basketball superstar Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. A new signing to compete with Manuel Neuer? Alas, Bryant was merely visiting Bayern club doctor about a knee injury. Still, Neuer will be relieved.

Continuing today's Stateside theme, check out this video on the German-American friendship, courtesy of the official Bundesliga YouTube channel: