Munich/Delogzdi - When you remodel the Allianz Arena's famous Südkurve over the summer, what do you do with all the seats?

Well if you're FC Bayern München, they end up in a school in rural Macedonia, of course. But how?

FC Bayern's World Wide web of assistance

The Nuri Mazari school in Delogzdi (also known as Dolloghozda) on the country's western border with Albania had requested charity assistance to construct a small stadium for their football-mad pupils. They had asked for help as part of a wider drive to enable pupils from the 3,000-person village to receive a good education.

A member of the charity, Kreshnik Dervishi, who also happened to be a member of the Swiss-based organisation, FC Bayern World Wide (FCBWW) had heard about Bayern's Allianz Arena modernisation, and wrote to the Bavarian giants to ask whether these seats would be available for donation to the school.

A slice of Bavaria

Bayern's representatives didn't take long to respond to the request, dispatching 100 seats to the school, after which Dervishi and the director of the charity, Vizier Dervishi, met with those involved at the highest levels of the club.

The discussions ran so positively that a further 155 seats were sent onto Macedonia. Shortly afterwards, the long-awaited 'Stadium Opening' took place with a youth football tournament and a particularly Bavarian pre-match atmosphere. Members of the school will now hope that their teams can look like Bayern on, and not just off, the pitch.