Dante believes FC Bayern are on the right track following a short pre-season but says they're still "two or three weeks" short of reaching their best
Dante believes FC Bayern are on the right track following a short pre-season but says they're still "two or three weeks" short of reaching their best

Dante: 'We still need two weeks to reach our level'

Münster - After helping FC Bayern München take their first step en route to defending their DFB Cup title with a on Sunday, defensive rock was eager to shift his focus to the forthcoming 2014/15 Bundesliga curtain-raiser.

Find out how Dante and Co got on in the Crossbar Challenge courtesy of the Bundesliga's official Youtube channel:

Speaking after the final whistle the Brazil international analysed his side’s performance and outlined how far along the Bavarians are in their preparations for the new campaign.

Question: Dante, congratulations on the victory over Preußen Münster. What did you make of the team’s display?

Dante: The first round of a cup is never easy and although we play at a higher level we respect third division opponents too because anything can happen in the cup. We prepare ourselves intensively before facing any team, regardless of which league they’re in. The important thing is to go fully focused into each match in order to be able to win.

Question: How annoyed are you at the goal Bayern conceded, especially as it came from a penalty?

Dante: I don’t think it was a penalty to start with but the main thing to take from it is that we need to improve defensively. In five days we have our next important match.

Question: How do you feel in terms of your own physical fitness?

Dante: For me it’s important to get into the groove again and cup games like this are very good for that. On the whole we need to work on our co-ordination and I think in two or three weeks we’ll be back at a decent level again.

Question: What implications does that have for Friday’s season opener against Wolfsburg?

Dante: It’ll come down to our mindset. If we’re fired up for it and go into the game with the necessary aggression, concentration and the right focus then we could be at 100 per cent on Friday.

Question: Coach Pep Guardiola has set the side up with different defensive formations, varying between a three and four-man backline. Today you were at the heart of a three-man defence. Which system do you prefer?

Dante: It’s good that we’re able to play with different systems and that there are several players who can play in each position. Of course there are still things we need to hone but overall we’re playing well at the moment.

Question: Given the number of matches Bayern will play across three different competitions, does a new defensive recruit need to be brought in following Javi Martinez’s injury?

Dante: We’re going to miss Javi, no doubt. If a new player joins us and is able to help us then that’s a good thing. But I’m also delighted that Holger Badstuber is back. After such a long absence it’s great to play with him again.

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