Munich - Ever since sewing up the title in record time back in March, FC Bayern München and their fans have been bursting at the seams to crack open the champagne and celebrate.

On Saturday the long wait will come to an end, as the city of Munich goes into lockdown as the Bundesliga champions and their army of followers take over for an almighty fiesta. Keen to take part? Allow to show you how you can, Bayern style...

First things first, you’ll need to be suitably dressed. Founded in the year 1900, Bayern are a club steeped in local history and they are proudly Bavarian, placing emphasis on bringing through local players into the first team, such as Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Thomas Müller. As such, traditional attire is an important part of any communal get-together, so you'll need to dust off the Lederhosen, iron out the creases from your checked shirts and reach for the nearest beverage…

…which leads us to the second crucial ingredient of any FC Bayern shindig: beer. One of the club’s sponsors, the Paulaner brewery, has traditionally helped get the FC Bayern faithful into party mode by handing out vouchers for free beer to fans entering the Allianz Arena ahead of the final game of the season. And if you really want to get in the swing of things then a Bierdusche, literally a ‘beer shower’, is a must. Keep an eye out for players drenching each other on the pitch using oversized beer glasses after Saturday’s game against Stuttgart for an idea.

Bayern festivities tend to be all-day affairs, starting with Frühschoppen to get you into the swing of things. Trust the Germans to have a single word to describe the act of meeting up with friends before noon for a largely liquid brunch of beer, washed down with Brezeln (pretzels) and Weißwurst (white veal sausages), dipped in sweet mustard. If you fancy eating a Weißwurst Bayern style, then try Zuzeln: holding the sausage in your hand and eating the meat, while peeling away the outer skin with your teeth!

The city of Munich is already geared up for the Bayern bash – just take a look at these signs that have been put up days in advance, advising cyclists and motorists where they may and may not park their vehicles so as not to impede the city parade. This is a German do and in Germany parties can only exist within a rigorously structured framework, so organisation - the famous Ordnung - is king. Grab your pencil and paper and start planning!

Now this might not be to everyone's tastes, but a real FC Bayern party needs to have real Bavarian music. The team will be serenaded prior to Saturday's kick-off by bearded men, in Lederhosen of course, playing a mix of brass and wind instruments, with horns and accordions key to reproducing the Bayern sound. If you can bob your head along to the rhythm at a marching tempo then you're on the right lines.

No party worthy of the name would be complete without a boogie and it’ll be no different with Bayern. Make sure you have a go at doing the conga, a feature of any Bayern celebration - with Franck Ribery leading the charge here in Berlin back in March. If you fancy swivelling your hips with a Latino flair á la Pep Guardiola, one song you’ll need on your playlist is Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’. The Bayern coach confirmed that he had “of course” danced to Williams' tune during celebrations in the capital a few weeks ago.

Any party host will know that the venue can make or break an event. Bayern always use the first floor balcony of the Munich town hall, situated in Marienplatz - the central square at the heart the city - to lap up the unrelenting adulation from fans. If you happen to be in Munich it’s well worth heading along, but if not then anywhere you can dance, play loud music and give a Bierdusche or two without causing havoc - we need Ordnung remember - will suffice.

One of the basic rules of fashionistas everywhere is that accessorising an outfit is essential. In Berlin, Dante did so by modelling a custom-made “champions” t-shirt, while boss Guardiola rocked a cap announcing the club’s 24th national league title. Take your Bayern party to the next level by decking yourself out in special-edition merchandise to wow your guests and make it a night to remember.

Now you’re all ready to go, send us your Bayern-style party pictures on Twitter using the hashtag #Meisterselfie.

Jonathan Stockitt