Hunt: 'I got a little bit lucky'

Bremen - There were mixed feelings across the board after the 1-1 draw between SV Werder Bremen and VfB Stuttgart on Saturday.

SV Werder Bremen

bundesliga.com rounds up the key post-match quotes from the Weser-Stadion encounter...

Aaron Hunt: We practice set-pieces every week. It's a great way to score goals and pick up points, but I have to admit the free-kick wasn't exactly what I had in mind. I was aiming to curl the ball over the wall, so guess a got a little bit lucky there. Luki [Assani Lukimya] did a great job tearing a hole in the wall though. After beating Nürnberg last week we didn't say we were safe and we're not saying that now. However, we haven't lost for a long time and we were able to keep a direct rival at arm's length. That's good for morale and gives us confidence.

Assan Lukimya: Today we didn't play as well as we have done lately. It's a shame we didn't win but when you look back on the course of the game, with them missing a penalty and us going behind, we have to be satisfied with a point. Our movement wasn't good enough and we just couldn't get into the game. Sometimes there's no explanation for that.

VfB Stuttgart

Georg Niedermeier: We did well today, but should've got a better result. We were well organised throughout the game and Bremen had very few chances. I believe we can build on this match and if we keep playing the way we did today then we'll pick up a few wins in the coming weeks.

Martin Harnik: We bossed the game, did brilliantly and Bremen were hardly a threat. I don't think we look like a bottom-of-the-table side. My apologies to the team and our fans for missing the penalty, I'm really sorry.