FC Bayern captain Philipp Lahm (l.) hoists the Club World Cup trophy aloft to crown an "unbelieveable year"
FC Bayern captain Philipp Lahm (l.) hoists the Club World Cup trophy aloft to crown an "unbelieveable year"

Lahm: "An unbelievable year"

Munich - FC Bayern München captain believes winning the FIFA Club World Cup was the “perfect end to an unbelievable year,” and is currently enjoying the winter break after an “incredibly exhausting” 12 months of football.

Phoenix from the flames

In an interview on the club website, the 30-year-old also revealed why he believes Bayern were able to embark on such a remarkable run of form in 2013.

“After the [Champions League] final in 2012 we had two options: the team could either break apart or grow closer together,” Lahm explained. “What happened was the latter. The tragedy and the bitter tears unleashed an unbelievable strength within us. That was the biggest thing. The fact that we had and have a very, very strong squad is also a factor. Everyone stepped up when called upon.”

The Bavarians subsequently strode to the 2012/13 Bundesliga title in record time, before being crowned continental kings in May with victory over Borussia Dortmund. “If I had to choose [a highlight of 2013] it would be the moment I lifted the trophy in London,” said Lahm. “That feeling of happiness is really hard to describe. All our hard work had finally paid off, finally we’d done it and I had the trophy in my hands. I had goosebumps all over, it was a great moment.”

‘Perfect end’

Lahm rounded the year off by hoisting another trophy aloft: the . “The tournament in Morocco was a fantastic new experience,” he acknowledged. “It was easy to summon up the energy needed to compete there and it made for the perfect end to an unbelievable year. Who knows whether or not I’ll experience it again. Obviously I hope I will, but we all know how difficult it is to win the Champions League.”

For now though, the right back is revelling in some precious downtime, which he says is “doing the world of good.” He enjoyed a “very cosy” Christmas dinner with his family, consisting of “venison and Spätzle [a type of pasta common in southern Germany],” and there can be no doubt that he has thoroughly deserved it.