Munich - Off the Ball, our weekday feature, casts an eye over the weird, wonderful and sometimes controversial tales to have emerged from Germany's top flight.

Today, we find out what will be added to FC Bayern München's shirt in 2014, we discover a case of mistaken identity and witness the transformation of a terrace dweller into a terrace superstar.

When FC Bayern München take to the field in 2014, their shirts will have an extra touch of gold on them. The earned the right to emblazon the golden emblem of the trophy on their jerseys until the end of 2014 - just in case anyone needed reminding who the best team on the planet are. With their three stars and the Bundesliga champions inscription, Bayern may have to reconsider all of their success, unless they want to be drowned by wearing baggy shirts next season...

Germany's new Development Minister Gerd Müller has been involved in a case of mistaken identity, but when you share the name with Germany and FC Bayern München's goalscoring legend (pictured), that is hardly surprising. The politician's profile in Turkey's Hürriyet newspaper detailed a glittering football career, having confused him with the eponymous record German goalscorer. "That's really nice," said the politician. At least they got the right picture.

Marius Gersbeck is used to being on the terraces amongst the Hertha Berlin fans, but he found himself there for a different reason on Saturday. The 18-year-old was being mobbed by the fans he is used to standing with after making a sensational debut in the 2-1 win over Borussia Dortmund. "It's crazy – a few weeks ago, I was dreaming of one day being able to sit on the first-team bench, and here I am playing," he told the Bild newspaper. "I celebrated with my lads on the terrace, it was purely amazing!"

Check out one of Marius Gersbeck's saves in the top five stops from Matchday 17, on this video exclusive to'sYouTube channel.