Arjen Robben scored both goals as FC Bayern beat Braunschweig 2-0
Arjen Robben scored both goals as FC Bayern beat Braunschweig 2-0

Robben: 'A lot of fun'

Munich - FC Bayern München winger Arjen Robben said "it was a lot of fun" at the Allianz Arena on Saturday afternoon, while the visiting Eintracht Braunschweig players were left ruing a lack of courage.

FC Bayern München rounds up the thoughts of the game's key protagonists...

: It was a difficult game in Moscow, including the travelling we had to do. When you come back here and play on this great pitch, it's a lot of fun. We showed we have to concentrate and go all out right from the off. We did that in the first half, we wanted to score an early goal and played really well. Any criticism of the second half is fair - we didn't play as well.

: We did what we had to do. It wasn't easy to motivate ourselves after playing against Dortmund and the difficult game in Moscow. We wanted to score a quick goal so avoid any problems. The Cup game against Augsburg will be tough, it's a knockout match, so movtivation won't be a problem. We'll need to be on our game."

: We had to win that one. You always have to invest a lot, and that's what we did. That's the art of movitating yourself and if you look at the first half, you can say it worked.

Eintracht Braunschweig

: We played against a world-class team who are the Champions League holders. We didn't give a bad account of ourselves in the second half, we can take a lot from that for our next games.

: We were too passive in the first half and only focused on defending. Nobody likes to lose. The defeat annoys me, but plenty of other teams have come unstuck here too.

: We weren't brave enough at the start and didn't see enough of the ball. They scored their goals too easily. We were good in the second half and played more bravely. We played against the Champions League winners today and they showed their quality.