Stuttgart - VfB Stuttgart midfielder was deeply disappointed with his team's display during their 2-0 home defeat to Borussia Mönchengladbach on Friday evening.

Following the match at the Mercedes-Benz-Arena, Kvist vented his feelings to, citing the reasons behind the defeat and revealing a little more about Thomas Schneider's tactical philosophy. Mr. Kvist, VfB Stuttgart suffered a setback against Borussia Mönchengladbach, losing 2-0. What are the reasons for that defeat, in your opinion?

William Kvist: Gladbach were simply the better team. They made life very difficult for us. We also didn't play particularly well, but compliments to Gladbach - they deserved to win! VfB have failed to win any of their last four home games. Is that becoming an issue?

Kvist: I think you can see it that way. We haven't picked up nearly enough points. Why that's the case - I'm afraid I can't answer that. We'd love to know ourselves. Might it be due to the fact that the team has yet to adapt to Thomas Schneider's preferred system or is it down to individual players' lack of form?

Kvist: That's a difficult question, but it's clear that Gladbach are much more comfortable with their system than we are. There's a long way to go for us, that was perfectly clear against Gladbach. There did appear to be a lack of cohesion...

Kvist: There are many things we have to work on. We're struggling to press as a team and to carry out our defensive and offensive duties. There's a few per cent missing all over the pitch, that's why Gladbach always had space to play their own game. We weren't able to prevent that. On a personal note, you have managed to reclaim a first-team spot under Schneider. How well do you get on with your head coach?

Kvist: I'm very happy at VfB. Thomas Schneider's methods are spot on. We now try and keep possession more and play the ball out from the back more quickly than we did in the past. We want to be more dominant in the future. Unfortunately, that didn't work against Gladbach, but we had improved recently.

Interview by Jens Fisher