Dortmund - If there was one thing which could have been predicted before Matchday 13's installment of the Klassiker, it's that opinions were going to be divided come full-time. After FC Bayern München's 3-0 win over Borussia Dortmund, so it proved. rounds up what the big names had to say post-match...

FC Bayern München

Arjen Robben: I think the first goal to make it 1-0 was very important. We used the space well afterwards, and the final two goals made it a clear win. It was deserved on the whole. Obviously, for the goal my first touch was the first thing on my mind, it was a great ball from Thiago and I brought it from behind me and put it over Roman Weidenfeller. We can't forget how many people dream of things like this, we always want to show our best, but I won't forget this week, or this win.

Manuel Neuer: Before the save in the second-half from Marco Reus, I'd already been in the game a bit. I think the win was probably deserved, and it's three very important points to take home. The margin was perhaps unfair but there's no doubt we merited a win at least. At points Dortmund couldn't stop us and we had such quality coming off the bench. We stopped their counters well - and as an ex-Schalke lad, it's certainly nice to keep a clean sheet in front of the Yellow Wall.

Thomas Müller: We hope we're en route to the title. Nothing's decided yet, but this is a big step.

Borussia Dortmund

Manuel Friedrich: Unbelievable really. On a personal note, three weeks ago I wasn't contracted and now I'm here, it's pretty surreal stuff. Today however, was an undeserved loss, I know I was lacking a touch of match fitness, but it's very frustrating, and sad. The end result of 3-0 just seems really undeserved. After the first goal, we were under a bit more pressure and had to chase the game. Bayern closed the game out in a very cool fashion - they're a strong side.

Roman Weidenfeller: We were obviously missing players, and at the moment, unfortunately, we're not scoring the decisive goals at decisive times. We were trying to keep the ball moving and play our game, but it's pretty obvious the final result isn't reflective of how the match panned out. We battled very hard, but after the first goal killed the game, the actual scoreline means very little.

Sven Bender: A 3-0 loss is really bitter, particularly after we missed good chances to make it 1-0. We've now got to chase Bayern.