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Munich - The Bundesliga's success and popularity stems in large part from its fan-friendly nature and accessibility.

Tweet us and see your name in lights

With that in mind,


has cranked up our already-impressive user involvement by allowing the most important people, you - the readers, to participate in what's happening on the site.

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, and to thank you we've made a few changes to how things work. During live matches, we'll be sending out regular tweets to gauge your opinions, such as this one below.

We'll then choose the best replies to add to our live updates, meaning your views have the chance to be beamed worldwide. The best thing about this is that twitter followers, Bundesliga aficionados, and website users all have the chance to air their opinion on the latest action.

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As German teams look to carry over last season's impressive performances on a European stage into the 2013/14 season, we're hoping you'll be there with us to share the excitement, and provide some further insight which we can then use on the site. Don't forget, this isn't the only way of getting involved - just the latest! We've still got our fanzone votes where you can express your opinion - just as you did this past weekend in electing

Robbie Kruse

as the best player of Matchday 6.

Where does the involvement end?

Well, it doesn't. Our

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provides you with all the Bundesliga-related fare you could shake a stick at, from where to get your hands on tickets to where to watch the games. We've got our own


for any of you baffled by some of the German football terminology, links to fanshops to purchase your favourite club's latest gear, a regular newsletter, and of course - the

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. So what are you waiting for? It's time to get involved with the Bundesliga!