Robert Lewandowski, Dortmund's match-winner against Bremen, believes that the Yellow Blacks are improving week by week
Robert Lewandowski, Dortmund's match-winner against Bremen, believes that the Yellow Blacks are improving week by week

Lewandowski: "Our best is yet to come"

Dortmund – Three games, three wins, nine points and a 100 per cent record. Borussia Dortmund’s latest outing – a 1-0 win over Werder Bremen in Matchday 3’s opener – wasn’t vintage BVB, but it did show that Jürgen Klopp’s men know how to win when not at their best, a quality necessary in all teams looking to challenge for league titles.

Despite a total of 32 shots raining down on the Bremen goal, only Robert Lewandowski’s second-half effort found the back of the net. After the game, the Polish international spoke about his delight at scoring the winner, and although he admitted the team might have scored more, insists that they're improving week by week.

Question: Robert Lewandowski, have you already thanked Marco Reus? His pass put the goal on a silver platter for you...

Lewandowski: It was a fantastic assist from Marco. All I had to do was stick my foot out and knock it in. Our combination play was excellent in that move.

Question: And that enabled you to celebrate with the BVB fans...

Lewandowski: I was delighted with my goal, but we really should have scored three or four in this game. We had a lot of good chances that we should have made more of and we’ve got to work on that.

Question: Are you slightly dissatisfied with the performance?

Lewandowski: We're happy, but we can play a lot better. We played well up until to the opponents‘ penalty area, but then the final ball was lacking, or we were too imprecise. That's something we can improve on. If we play the right passes, then we win games like this 3-0 or 4-0. Instead, we only won by one goal, so that’s a bit of a shame.

Question: Even so, just one goal was enough to give BVB a third straight win at the start of the season...

Lewandowski: What counts in the end are the three points. Scoring more goals is good, but the win was more important in the end. But I also know that we have to play better in future. We’ve got to be more ruthless in front of goal. If we’d done that here against Bremen and won 4-0, then we'd have no complaints.

Question: How was your understanding with Henrikh Mkhitaryan? He played just behind you and frequently pushed up front...

Lewandowski: It’s normal that things take a bit of time to work when a new player joins the team, but both Henrikh and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are very good players that give us plenty of quality up front. This is about gaining an understanding at the highest level and I think we'll get better and better with every game, as will the team. Our best is yet to come.

Question: The coach has given the team two days off after this win. How are you going to spend them?

Lewandowski: I’m just going to relax over the weekend as we’ve got a long, intense week coming up. We’ll be training twice on Monday and I’m happy for a bit of a rest now. We play again next Sunday and so we have nine days to prepare decently for [Eintracht] Frankfurt.

Question: Will you enjoy these two days even more since you are top of the table?

Lewandowski: Of course. It’s nice for us when we win our game, like now against Bremen, and can then just sit back and see how the rest of the Bundesliga get on. Being top of the table now doesn't mean much, though. There's still a long way to go this season and all that mattered for us was to have a good start. With nine points, I think we’ve done that.

Dietmar Nolte reporting from Signal Iduna Park