Frankfurt am Main - German professional football provides an annual investment of over 20 million euro to more than 300 socially engaged programmes, according to a survey on voluntary social involvement published today (31 July) by the Bundesliga Foundation in conjunction with the consultancy actori.

Last season, the 36 Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 clubs alone pumped upwards of 15 million euro into projects, overwhelmingly focused on matters of local concern, which reached out to in excess of 750,000 people. Activities defined by regulation, such as fan club work and environmental engagement, were not considered in the study.

Schemes largelly targeting at children and young people

The Bundesliga Foundation itself invested some 2.4 million euro over the course of the 2012/13 season, with 28 thousand people profiting directly from the output of more than 50 projects, achieved in cooperation with numerous locally-based partners. Three-quarters of all Bundesliga Foundation schemes were targeted at children and young people.

The work of nine selected foundations headed by current or former Bundesliga players was also fed into the study. In the business year surveyed, they invested around three million euro in 33 different projects all told, 90 percent of which benefited children and young people.