The Kids' Club summer camp was staged for the first time in 2011
The Kids' Club summer camp was staged for the first time in 2011

250 children at the 2013 Kids' Clubs' summer camp

Frankfurt - For four days, Wolfsburg’s Volkswagen Arena is going to be transformed into a kids’ club. Between 29 July and 1 August, around 250 children between the ages of nine and eleven will come together for a summer camp, under the motto ‘Kids Clubs - Unlimited Activity’.

Joint venture

It is already the third nationwide meeting of its kind, an initiative of the DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga and the National Workgroup for Kids’ clubs (NAK). A large part of the summer camp is supported and financed by the Bundesliga-Stiftung foundation and its aim is to conduct prevention work for the fans of tomorrow.

Even before the camp begins, the first objective has been achieved: experiencing togetherness without prejudices - a slogan the participating clubs have already written on their flags. The first step is to travel to the event in group transport: Frankfurt will share a bus with Mainz, while Hamburg are travelling with St. Pauli.

The summer camp will also herald the beginning of the kids‘ club topic of the season, which they have agreed will be 'reading'. Boris Pfeiffer, author of the “Die drei ??? Kids” series, will hold an open-air reading of his books and, during the 2013/14 season, he will visit all of the kids’ clubs to motivate them to read. Furthermore, all of the participating children will receive a free book as a gift from the Kosmos-Verlag publishers.

Keep moving

As well as reading, movement is the priority of the summer camp. There will be plenty of opportunities for that, with a ‘blind football station’ as well as access to a climbing park and the sports facilities surrounding the Volkswagen-Arena. Representatives of the police will hold a workshop discussing criminality before a visit to the Autostadt car museum to round the programme off. Overall 19 kids’ clubs with 250 children and 60 staff members have signed up.

In the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2, there are 32 kids’ clubs, involving around 100,000 children.