Hoffenheim - The news of 1899 Hoffenheim's Boris Vukcevic suffering life-threatening injuries broke on 28 September after the German Under-21 international was put in a medically-induced coma following a serious car accident.

The drama, however, could still have a happy ending, as a good eight months after the incident, Vukcevic is back on his feet, with the faint hope of making a full recovery. In the aftermath of the accident likely to have been caused by the 23-year-old suffering from a low blood sugar level, Vukcevic, a diabetic, had to undergo two lengthy operations at Heidelberg's university hospital.

"We play and fight for Boris"

"He is now well on his way to being healthy again, which seems like a miracle," said club investor Dietmar Hopp, pointing out: "The incident shows there are far more important issues in football."

Despite the news of the terrible injuries Vukcevic suffered, 1899 decided to play against FC Augsburg the day after the accident following discussions with members of his family and the squad, holding the game under the motto: "We play and fight for Boris".

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