After failing to evade a shower of beer, Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes said he had simply accepted his fate rather than risk pulling a muscle
After failing to evade a shower of beer, Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes said he had simply accepted his fate rather than risk pulling a muscle

Heynckes: "I preferred a shower of beer rather than a pulled muscle"

Munich - Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes explained why he put up little resistance when confronted with a shower of beer during the Bavarians' title celebrations on Saturday, while Werder Bremen coach Thomas Schaaf paid tribute to his side's fans, although refused to celebrate the Green-Whites' survival.

FC Bayern Munich - FC Augsburg brings you the best of what the coaches said following the penultimate round of action in the Bundesliga.

Jupp Heynckes (Bayern Munich): "It wasn’t easy when the title celebrations are already prepared and you’re playing against a side who are still fighting for survival. We’ve played a season which will go down in the record books. You need to have quick legs, which I don’t have anymore, which is why I preferred to get a shower of beer rather than pull a muscle trying to run away.”

Markus Weinzierl (FC Augsburg): "If only we’d taken the lead, then things could have gone differently. You could see Bayern’s quality. The pressure on us is high, but it’s positive. Whoever thinks our game against Fürth is going to be a walk in the park doesn’t have a clue. We’ve got to give it everything."

VfL Wolfsburg - Borussia Dortmund

Dieter Hecking (VfL Wolfsburg): "My team got a lot of things right, but we unfortunately didn’t see it through. That’s really frustrating. The team really should have been rewarded for their efforts. We actively got at our opponents and made se of their mistakes. In the end, I’m disappointed because we could have won the game 3-2.”

Jürgen Klopp (Borussia Dortmund): "During the interval, we were able to show some highlights of the first half to see what we’d done wrong and then we improved. Overall, we were too passive, though, both in possession and when they had the ball. You just get punished for that kind of thing, especially by a good side like Wolfsburg.”

Werder Bremen - Eintracht Frankfurt

Thomas Schaaf (Werder Bremen): "I’d like to say a huge thank you to the fans. It was fantastic, extraordinary and remarkable. They urged us on for 90 minutes. Thank God things didn’t go the way they went last weekend. The team were rewarded and released the pressure. They can celebrate, but I’m not going to."

Armin Veh (Eintracht Frankfurt): "It was an intense game and we just didn’t get into it for the first 25 minutes. In the second half, things got better and there were chances at both ends. Overall, the result’s fair. With a win next weekend, we can give our fans a real present and that would be great, but there’s no point putting ourselves under any pressure."

Schalke 04 - VfB Stuttgart

Jens Keller (Schalke 04): "It was a deserved win for Stuttgart. We started the game well, but then we kept falling into our old habits. But our Champions League destiny is still in our own hands. The team have always shown their character after defeats. I would like to have put a lid on things, then it would have been a perfect weekend. Now we just have to put everything back until next week.”

Bruno Labbadia (VfB Stuttgart): "We played a good game and deserved to win. I’m very satisfied that we got such a result after the past two weeks. It was a successful day.”