17-year-old Pierre Hojbjerg became the youngest player ever to appear for FC Bayern in the Bundesliga when he came on against Nuremberg on Saturday
17-year-old Pierre Hojbjerg became the youngest player ever to appear for FC Bayern in the Bundesliga when he came on against Nuremberg on Saturday

Hojbjerg: "I had to pinch myself"

Munich - When Pierre Hojbjerg came on in the 71st minute of FC Bayern Munich's 4-0 win at home to 1. FC Nuremberg on Saturday, the Dane became the youngest player in the club's history to appear in the Bundesliga.

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Aged just 17 years, eight months and eight days, the Dane undercut previous record holder David Alaba, whom he fittingly replaced, by just four days. After the game the midfielder, speaking in excellent German, shared his thoughts on an historic debut...

Question:Pierre Hojbjerg, you just played your first 19 minutes of Bundesliga football. How do you feel?

Pierre Hojbjerg: It's incredible! It's been my dream ever since I was little. I had to pinch myself, but it's real. When I came on I needed one or two minutes, maybe even five, until I got into the game. I almost peed myself (laughs), but I think any 17-year-old would probably be the same. It was a fantastic experience.

Question:Manuel Neuer whispered something in your ear just before you were brought on. What did he say to you?

Hojbjerg: I've honestly forgotten, I was so nervous. I can't remember the first few minutes (laughs). Afterwards I had two or three good touches and that helped me settle down. I think he said something along the lines of: "Do your best, kid". It was just something to motivate me.

Question: You joined Bayern a year ago. Was it the right decision to move to Munich from Brondby's U-17 team?

Hojbjerg: Obviously yes. It's hard to believe how much Bayern have helped me develop as a player and as a person.

Question: Your father was in the stadium today...

Hojbjerg: My dad, my uncle and my advisors Sören and Kay Lerby. At home my whole family was cheering me on too. It was an incredible feeling and it gave me a lot of confidence. The team is also there for me and I feel at home in Munich and at Bayern. Everyone wants the best here and that's great.

Question: Having actually played now, do you feel a bit like a Bundesliga champion too?

Hojbjerg: I have to be careful what I say here...(laughs). I can at least say I was involved a bit.

Frage: Now that you've made your debut, what's your next aim?

Hojbjerg: I'm staying calm and taking things one step at a time. It's important to keep your feet on the ground and not rush things. The next stage will come when I'm ready for it. The coach and his staff thought I was ready for my debut and we'll wait and see what the next step is and when. I work hard, but the most important thing is always to keep your feet on the ground.

Question: Surely it can't hurt your chances that Pep Guardiola is arriving in the summer, a coach known for his faith in young players?

Hojbjerg: I'm not thinking that far ahead. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can from Jupp Heynckes. He's a fantastic coach. The way he treats all the players, young and old, as well as everyone else is exemplary.

Tim Tonner reporting from the Allianz Arena