Christian Seifert, CEO of the DFL
Christian Seifert, CEO of the DFL

DFL presents the Bundesliga Report 2012: Bundesliga in profits once again

Frankfurt am Main - The 36 clubs and companies of the League Association achieved their seventh straight revenue record during the 2010-11 season . Despite a difficult economic environment, the clubs generated a total of 2.23 billion euro last season (nearly 2 billion of which came from the Bundesliga).

Seifert: "Bundesliga more popular than ever with fans, sponsors and media partners"

Within the past four years, revenue has increased by 18.9 percent (24 percent in the Bundesliga). The DFL League Association publicised the figures today at the presentation of the Bundesliga Report in Frankfurt am Main.

"The measures for an improved cost control approved by the clubs in August 2010 have borne fruit. With that, professional football continues to have a strong outlook of remaining a success story, also because the Bundesliga has never beefore been so popular with fans, sponsors and media partners, said Christian Seifert, Chief Executive Officer of the DFL executive board.

Professional football recorded growth in all central income categories (revenues from advertising, media and professional football). After a loss last year (minus 78 million euro), the Bundesliga turned things around and achieved a profit of 52.5 million euro after tax. In addition, the liabilities of the Bundesliga clubs in the core business dropped by around 50 million euro, from 644 million euro the year before to about 594 million euro. The Bundesliga 2 reduced its losses by about 25 percent to 18.9 million euro (from 25.3 million in the previous year).

Just as in previous years, professional football remained a prominent taxpayer in Germany. Clubs and capital companies paid 719 million euro (previous year: 700 million) in taxes and duties - the highest total ever in professional football's history. And for the first time, the number of people employed directly by the clubs or their subsidiaries has exceeded 14,000.


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